karssen-advies-logo-UKKARSSEN ADVIES is part of the KARSSEN ADVIESGROEP bv. The KARSEN ADVIESGROEP is consulting and serving in the field of Human Resources and has specialised in aspects concerning the position of (senior) management and employees working on a MBO+ -,HBO- or WO – level. Concrete activities are amongst other things:

  • Transfer Coaching
  • Career counselling
  • (management) Coaching

Karssen Transfer Coaching, Coaching and Career Counselling is based on more than 40 years of experience in Executive Search Consultancy , Human Resources Management and Career Counselling. Characteristic of our approach is that all consultancies and coaching activities are on a individual base. We are not working in groups. Therefore an absolutely personal approach is assured and an optimal trust relation between client and advisor can develop. The personal coaching of clients is furthermore based on reality and facts. People in important ¬†phases of their life profit by the acknowledgement of reality in their situation. This knowled ge can lead to a satisfying and successful continuation of their working life.This is why a lot of effort is put in these sometimes far-reaching processes. One of the most important goals of the Karssen method is to develop and enlarge the ’employability’. Karssen is allied with Vis Recruitment . Karssen is, as a Partner, also connected with ENEX , an independent international group of agencies in the field of Management Planning, Management Recruitment (Executive Search) and HR ConsultancyWithin the ENEX group a total of approximately 200 consultants is employed in 30 countries all over the world.